Alton Castle (Residential youth centre, Archdiocese of Birmingham)

view of Alton Castle from valley below
Castle Hill , Alton, ST10 4TT
01538 703224

Established as a residential youth centre by the Archdiocese of Birmingham, Alton Castle opened in September 1996. It has had a highly successful first 15 years with over 8,000 children visiting the Castle each year, mostly on residential retreats but an increasing number now coming on day retreats.

Many things have changed and evolved over the years at the Castle, and many lives have been touched, either directly or indirectly, however, the one constant throughout this time has been the mission of the Castle: to promote the personal, spiritual and social development of all children and visitors, its employees and volunteers, through prayer and activity in such a way that they may live life to the full and become fully alive in God.